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A New Foundation

Upon taking office, President Obama’s administration took the immediate steps necessary to confront the economic crisis, restore confidence, and provide stability to our economy.

But just as important have been the first steps we’ve taken toward building a new foundation for prosperity — steps necessary to ensure that we never go back to the system that led to this crisis in the first place.

With your continued support, we’ll build on this foundation so that our prosperity is fueled not by debt and speculation, but on the productivity of skilled and educated workers; so that America’s leadership is unrivaled in the clean energy technologies that will fuel 21st century innovation; and so that families and businesses are no longer burdened by the crushing costs of health care.

Taken together, each of these steps are a piece of a larger foundation on which America’s future lies.

Mari kita cermati hasil kerja 100 hari pertama Presiden ke-44 Amerika Serikat (Barack Obama) berdasarkan issues yang berkembang:


Just two weeks after his inauguration, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law — a measure that saves or creates 3.5 million jobs nationwide. The recovery package invests $507 billion in programs that creates jobs, jumpstarts our growth, and transforms our economy. News jobs will be created in industries vital to America’s future, including clean energy, health care, and infrastructure, with over 90% in the private sector.


President Obama’s economic recovery package includes $282 billion in tax relief, ensuring that 95 percent of workers and their families will receive a tax cut.

The package includes expanded tax credits for college tuition, extends the child tax credit to more families, expands the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families with three or more children, makes sales taxes paid on new cars tax deductible, and increases the first-time home buyer tax credit to $8,000.

The recovery package also spares millions of middle income Americans from paying the alternative minimum tax.


One of President Obama’s first acts upon taking office was to extend health coverage to 4 million uninsured children by enacting legislation reauthorizing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

In addition, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides $87 billion so that no state has to cut eligibility for Medicaid and SCHIP because of budget shortfalls, protecting roughly 20 million people at risk of losing eligibility.

The recovery package also makes significant investments in health care modernization, community health centers, and health care research. Upon taking office, President Obama created a White House Office of Health Care Reform, tasked with the goal of expanding health care coverage to all Americans.


In February, President Obama announced a foreclosure prevention package that helps up to 9 million homeowners obtain better mortgage terms. It allows up to 5 million homeowners to refinance into cheaper mortgages and invested $75 billion to keep up to 4 million homeowners out of foreclosure.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act invests $10 billion to expand the availability of quality affordable housing and to reduce the effects of foreclosures in communities. Since announcing President Obama’s housing plan, rates on 30-year mortgages have dropped to an all-time low of 4.78 percent and refinancing applications are up 88 percent.


President Obama’s recovery package prevents devastating cuts to education by providing $53.6 billion to states and school districts to prevent layoffs and cuts in critical services. It also invests $25 billion in support for educating at risk students and those with special needs.

It invests $1.1 billion for Early Head Start and $1 billion for Head Start, providing services for approximately 120,000 additional infants and children over two years. The package also increases the maximum award for Pell Grants and increases college affordability for more than 7 million students by addressing the grant’s shortfall.


The President’s economic recovery package doubles the amount of renewable energy produced in the next three years through financial support for alternative energy companies, renewable energy tax credits, and $2.5 billion for research and development of alternative energy sources.

The package also includes $11 billion to upgrade to a bigger and smarter electric grid and $2.4 billion in funding to support next generation electric vehicles. In March, the administration announced an investment of $3.2 billion in local energy efficiency and conservation projects throughout America’s cities, counties, and states.


Upon taking office, President Obama signed the first piece of legislation of his presidency, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The bill gives working women across the country a powerful tool to fight unequal pay by extending the statute of limitations on suits against companies accused of pay and other workplace discrimination. The bill saves countless women and their families from unfair losses in salary, income, and retirement.


In February, President Obama fulfilled a campaign promise by setting a date for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. The President set the deadline for withdrawal of combat forces at August 2010, allowing military commanders to execute a successful withdrawal and encouraging a swift yet responsible transition of authority to the Iraqi people.


On April 21st, President Obama signed the Serve America Act, the largest expansion of national service since the creation of the Peace Corps. The Serve America Act triples the size of AmeriCorps over the next eight years, and focuses on our country’s biggest challenges, including clean energy, health care, and education.

It opens up new service opportunities for millions of people across the country and allows everyone to deliver on President Obama’s call to service. It strengthens nonprofit organizations and gives all Americans the resources to take a direct role in strengthening their communities and rebuilding America.

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