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Daftar 100 Tokoh paling berpengaruh di dunia Tahun 2009

Inilah Daftar 100 Tokoh paling berpengaruh di dunia Tahun 2009 versi Majalah TIME.

A. Leaders & Revolutionaries

By Arnold Schwarzenegger:

How do I describe Uncle Teddy? Everyone knows him as the Lion of the Senate, a liberal icon, a warrior for the less fortunate, a fierce advocate for health-care reform, a champion of social justice here and abroad and now even a Knight of the British Empire. But I know him as the rock of his family: a loving husband, father, brother and uncle. He’s a man of great faith and character.

By Anwar Ibrahim:

The changes taking place in Indonesia today are among the most remarkable developments in the Muslim world. The country’s transition from authoritarianism has proved that as a democracy, Indonesia can be culturally vibrant and economically prosperous.

By Gordon Brown:

I’m not betraying state secrets if I describe the last moments of the G-20 summit in london. It was Barack Obama’s first summit as President. He was — with one exception — the youngest leader there, the newest in office, and there was the ever present risk of America being seen as lecturing the world rather than leading it. Softly and with a genuine humility, he talked about how we could together replace people’s fear of the future with a new faith in the future, and how we could look past the storm to the great potential that lies beyond it. The next day his calm persuasion turned a potential contest for the position of NATO Secretary-General into an appointment by unanimous acclaim. That week, Europe and the U.S. exchanged ideas and shared ways of reshaping the financial system, achieving nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation and tackling the crucible of terrorism on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Time and time again, people have talked of Barack Obama’s talent for listening. His real talent is for hearing what is actually said. His rare combination of idealism and realism struck me when I first met him: a natural ability to lead, combined with the qualities of mind and spirit that always seek to reach out and connect.

As the first black President, Obama, 47, has already proved that once inaccessible pinnacles can be reached. His swift and decisive action on the economic crisis has been impressive in itself but is only one pioneering achievement of his first hundred days. Now global problems need global solutions, from our bold initiative to give every child in every country the opportunity of a good education, to our shared ambition of an agreement on climate change at Copenhagen in December. Obama is working with world leaders to take on the unparalleled challenges of the global age: in development, climate change, energy, terrorism and security.

Of course, his oratory is today unmatched. But his courage — the courage to go first, to lead, where none have gone before — is doubly unmatched. When he speaks, he gives those who hear him confidence: not in him but in themselves. It was said of Cicero that when people heard him, they turned to one another and said, “Great speech”; but when Demosthenes spoke, people turned to one another and said, “Let’s march.” All around the world people are marching with Barack Obama.

Brown is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Fast Fact: The hoops-loving President installed a backboard on the White House tennis court

B. Builders & Titans

By Ashton Kutcher:

Years from now, when historians reflect on the time we are currently living in, the names Biz Stone and Evan Williams will be referenced side by side with the likes of Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo Marconi, Philo Farnsworth, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs — because the creation of Twitter by Stone, 35 (right), Williams, 37, and Jack Dorsey, 32 (not pictured), is as significant and paradigm-shifting as the invention of Morse code, the telephone, radio, television or the personal computer.

C. Artists & Entertainers

D. Heroes & Icons

By Oprah Winfrey:

Michelle Obama doesn’t just inspire us. She affirms us with her intelligence, authenticity, depth and compassion. We see the best of ourselves in her and marvel that no matter what she’s doing, she brings 100% of herself to the experience.

By Roger Federer:

We are fortunate to live in the Tiger Woods era. Tiger, 33, is a model for how athletes should conduct themselves. He respects the legends who came before him, like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. He knows the history of his sport. He handles himself with class, and he’s articulate. There’s no silly talk in public from Tiger. When he speaks, people listen.

E. Scientists & Thinkers

By Paul Krugman:

Nouriel Roubini was right. At a time when the likes of Alan Greenspan were dismissing concerns about excessive home prices and declaring that banks were stronger than ever, Roubini warned that there was a monstrous bubble in the housing market and that the bursting of that bubble would cause much of the financial system to collapse. And so it has turned out, with even the most seemingly outlandish of Roubini’s predictions matched or even exceeded by reality.

By Jill Bolte Taylor:

Information about the external world streams in through our senses and is then processed and integrated by our brains into thoughts, words or deeds. And accompanying those forms of communication are facial expressions and the physical responses we call body language.

Adakah idola anda masuk diantara daftar 100 tokoh-tokoh itu? Kalau ada, bolehlah anda berbangga hati. Namun lebih baik lagi dan menjadi kebanggaan kita semua kalau anda sendiri juga masuk dalam daftar tersebut. Saya juga berminat kok masuk daftar 100 tokoh semacam ini.

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14 thoughts on “Daftar 100 Tokoh paling berpengaruh di dunia Tahun 2009

  1. bagi sy mereka adlh merupakan semua tokoh-tokoh yng telh membrikan rana baru bgi dunia, dan kita berhrp bgi gnerasi muda untuk kedepannya bisa mengikuti tokoh2 tersebut, untuk mnjdi pemimpin.


    Posted by abdillah | 13 January 2014, 11:33 am
  2. kalian semua udah besar , pasti udh bsa brfkr…..mw plh yg mna ..SANG PEMINTA KESELAMATAN [ SAW ] ATAU SANG PENYELAMAT [ A.S ]


    Posted by pakpung | 29 July 2012, 5:02 am
  3. Yang No 1 bagi saya Adalah Tuhan dan para Utusannya ,karena mereka memberikan kedamaian dan kesejukan pada umatnya.Tidak seperti kita yang selalu merasa benar dan bersih di dunia ini ,yg sealu curiga dan benci kepada golongan yg lain,Bagi saya semua Utusan Tuhan NO.1 saya tidak pernah antipati pada mereka


    Posted by nal | 9 April 2012, 8:58 pm
  4. Kalau saya tidak lah munafik ,bagi saya yang terbaik dan no 1 didunia adalah yang selalu memberi kedamaian di bumi ini tidak peduli itu siapa .Saya tidak terlalu mempermasalah siapa dia dan apa dia.Setiap Utusan Tuhan selalu baik dan sempurna adanya dan selalu membawa kedamaian dan kesejukan bagi umatnya ,tapi kita selalu ingin melebihi mereka dan membuat kecurigaan dan saling benci antar umat manusia.


    Posted by nal | 9 April 2012, 8:52 pm
  5. betul2,,,,,, nabi muhammad adalah orang no1 berpengaruh didunia.


    Posted by andra | 17 December 2011, 5:27 pm
  6. katanya kan oramng yang paling berpengaruh di dunia adalah nabi muhammad SAW
    kalau yesus kristus tidak termasuk yach………


    Posted by tulus samosir | 3 September 2010, 10:24 am
  7. setuju banget nih, ada pengklasifikasian nya jadi sangat objektif…


    Posted by selly | 26 June 2010, 11:59 pm
  8. i like to visit your blog..a nice article. From me :
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    Posted by kesehatan ibu dan anak | 23 February 2010, 2:15 pm
  9. Setuju sama komentar ke tiga. Nabi Muhammad yang paling hebat.


    Posted by nida | 10 December 2009, 1:21 pm
  10. orang no 1 yang paling berpengaruh di dunia ,, yang membawa penerang bagi seluruh umat manusia di muka bumi ini .. pemberi kabar gembira.. dan dilahirkan untuk memperbaiki akhlak manusia adalah… nabi Muhamad SAW.


    Posted by asep munaji | 30 October 2009, 6:25 am
    • Intinya bahwa,,segala apapun orang berpengaruh di dunia,,ia tidak akan pernah mengubah dunia.dunia begitu hampa,dunia terasa begitu kosong karna kejahatan umat manusia.yang menjadi sumber kebahagiaan,dan pembawa kedamaian adalah dia yang empunya Bumi.So’kita sebagai makluk ciptaannya,,gak usa bersandiwara di atas realistis kehidupan.gak usa bertopeng di balik indahnya dunia.mari kita memupuk persaudaraan kita,,karna sekali kita menyakiti saudara kita,kita juga telah menyakiti orang yang kita anggap berpengaruh.


      Posted by jebby | 2 April 2013, 3:47 pm
  11. Wow….lengkap ya, kaya pengetahuan. Thanks ya.


    Posted by nida | 28 October 2009, 10:14 am
  12. very-very good for information n thank you very nuch

    ****mardoto****: thanks a lot.


    Posted by busron | 25 August 2009, 9:25 pm
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